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NGL, leads trading with 25,907 shares

Business - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 23:50

Overall market activity resulted from trading in 12 securities of which three advanced, three declined and six traded firm.

Trading activity on the first tier market registered a volume of 46,762 shares crossing the floor of the exchange valued at $1,541,985.97.

T&T NGL Ltd was the volume leader with 25,907 shares changing hands for a value of $779,862.96, followed by LJ Williams Ltd B with a volume of 5,000 shares being traded for $3,750.

The West Indian Tobacco Ltd (Witco) contributed 4,304 shares with a value of $381,029.93, while One Caribbean Media Ltd added 4,000 shares valued at $49,160.

Witco registered the day’s largest gain, increasing $0.04 to end the day at $88.53. Conversely, Calypso Macro Index Fund registered the day’s largest decline, falling $0.28 to close at $15.46.
On the Mutual Fund Market 7,207 shares changed hands for a value of $137,650.14.

Clico Investment Fund (CIF) was the most active security, with a volume of 5,863 shares valued at $116,871.50. CIF declined by $0.01 to end at $19.93.

Calypso Macro Index Fund declined by $0.28 to end at $15.46. Fortress Caribbean Property Fund Ltd SCC—Development Fund remained at $0.67. Fortress Caribbean Property Fund Ltd SCC — Value Fund remained at $1.70.

Praetorian Property Mutual Fund remained at $3.05.

The Second Tier Market did not witness any activity. Mora Ven Holdings Ltd remained at $14.49

The Composite Index advanced by 0.09 points (0.01 per cent) to close at 1,232.82.

The All T&T Index advanced by 0.19 points (0.01 per cent) to close at 1,713.26. The Cross Listed Index remained at 101.14.

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Manufacturing sector needs Caribbean market for growth

Business - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 23:48

As T&T gears up for the Caricom Heads of Government meeting in Port-of-Spain this November, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley says the growth of the local manufacturing sector relies heavily on the success of the Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSME).

Speaking at the sod-turning for the Nutrimix Group of Companies’ Next Generation Hatchery in Brechin Castle, Couva yesterday, Rowley said that while T&T is interested in the Caribbean market for trade, there are others who have their eyes on reaping the benefits of the CSME.

In order for T&T to benefit, he said there must be a proper presence and advocacy, and it is why the Government has requested and has been granted a Caricom Heads of Government meeting this November with a single agenda of discussing the CSME.

“This is of great interest to the people of T&T because we are possibly the major beneficiary of the Caricom economies. And if we are to grow in the way we are expected to grow when this facility is completed in the way that our country’s potential is to be realised, and if we are to preserve what we have, we have to ensure that the Caricom market remains alive and remains our major marketplace. That is the assignment and we observed this before we became the government. That is why today we have a Ministry of Foreign and Caricom Affairs,” Rowley said.

There have been heads of Caricom, technocrats or foreign interest groups who are in support of the CSME, however, Rowley said that with Caribbean integration, there may be winners and losers.

“Every Caricom government is afraid to be the loser in any area. As a result of that, we have been kicking this can down the road for years until it has not become a matter of self-criticism at Caricom. We have been saying at the level at the heads of Caricom that we have been skylarking and postponing this issue.”

So far, the Bahamian government has expressed its intention to remain in Caricom, but back in April, its Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said that country will not be part of the CSME, nor will it allow for the free movement of Caribbean citizens to its islands.

The Jamaican government is also revisiting the rationale of the revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, which established Caricom. The treaty seeks to improve the standard of living and work in Caricom states, accelerated, coordinated and sustained economic development and foster increased production and productivity. In June, Jamaican Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Audley Shaw told the Jamaican Parliament that while “the overarching objective of the CSME is to increase our collective wealth and well-being through sustained economic growth derived from a continuous increase in production and productivity, this goal has somewhat eluded us due to half-heartedness and sometimes, a lack of commitment and an unevenness in the extent to which member states embrace the provisions of the Revised Treaty to increase our common wealth.”

It was based on these developments that T&T sought out November’s meeting.

Rowley said that there are suggestions that a having a single market and economy is too much of an aspiration. He said there were proposals to just have a single market or single economy.

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Debe residents clean up after flood

News - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 23:37

Some 20 families in Debe, South Trinidad spent their day yesterday cleaning slush from their homes and airing out their furniture following heavy rains which caused widespread flooding across the country on Tuesday.

Although flooding is a perennial problem in their community, residents said the authorities can help to minimise the problem by cleaning the drains and cracking down on indiscriminate blockage of the watercourses.

Workers from the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation’s health division were called in to help clean and sanitise the Debe Hindu School which was also flooded out.

Worker Ayoub Mohammed said, “Yesterday, the flood came into the school about three feet high and this morning we came and sanitise it.”

He said about five fans were damaged, but there was no major damage to the school.

Mohammed said clogged drains may have contributed to Tuesday’s flooding.

Kenneth Gokool, of Debe Main Road, said he is usually affected by flooding, but Tuesday’s flooding was a surprising one.“It came up first, we clean it out, and then it swung back again and

that was it, about two feet high,” said Gokool.

Gokool, who lives downstairs the family house, was forced to stay upstairs while his partly blind mother had to spend the night with his sister.

He said they lost a lot of stuff, including appliances and foodstuff.

However, he said he got assistance from Oropouche East MP Roodal Moonilal and other people. Gokool said poor drainage at the back of his house is contributing to the problem.

Another resident, Kim Ramnarine, a market vendor, said they had to move their goods to higher ground. She was not sure whether their refrigerator and washing machine were still working because they were submerged in the floodwater.

Ramnarine complained that a contractor diverted and narrowed the river.

“It really stressful. This is the second time we get it so bad,” she said.

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Stolen cars recovered in airport parking lot

News - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 23:35

Two vehicles which were reported stolen in 2017 have been recovered by police in the staff parking lot of Piarco Airport.

A third stolen vehicle was found in San Juan.

The recoveries were made during a police operation held in the Piarco and San Juan districts by officers of the Northern Division Special Investigations Unit (NDSIU). The exercise, headed by Insp Roger Joseph, was conducted on Tuesday afternoon.

Officers involved in the exercise went to the Piarco Airport staff car park where they discovered a white Toyota Axio which was reported stolen on August 20. 2017 and a black Nissan Teana sedan which was reported stolen on August 22, 2017.

The officers then proceeded to Laventille Road, San Juan, where they found a white Nissan station wagon which was previously reported stolen.

All three vehicles bore false number plates.

WPC Tricia Pelhage and PC Leon Paul, both of the NDSIU, are continuing investigations.

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Young urges security staff members: Think outside the box

News - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 23:14

New National Security Minister Stuart Young has said that law-abiding citizens far outweigh the criminal elements in society and citizens can therefore create positive changes to T&T through collaboration.

He made the statement while conducting a town meeting with staff members of his ministry’s general administration division. The meeting was held at the ministry on Tuesday.

He told staff members that they as a body were the ministry’s greatest asset as they provided valuable support to the ministry’s divisions and, in this regard, every single staff member had a significant role to play in supporting the ministry in securing citizens of T&T.

Young said while there was no singular solution to treat with crime, there were solutions. He also encouraged staff to think outside the box and to work towards finding ways to get the job done.

The minister also expressed hope for a high level of commitment and support from all staff.

Members of staff also had the opportunity to engage the minister directly, asking questions and voicing opinions. They also noted their appreciation to him for convening the meeting and receiving their feedback.

Prior to Tuesday’s meeting, he did a walk-through of the ministry at Temple Court 1, in Port-of-Spain on August 8 visiting various units and meeting with staff.

He also expressed his commitment to the ministry, staff and country.

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Ministry encourages vaccinations for measles

News - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 23:09

The Ministry of Health (MoH) says it has noted the Pan American Health Organisation /World Health Organisation (PAHO/WHO) report of an increased number of cases of measles in the Americas which includes North, South and Central America and the Caribbean region.

T&T, however, maintains a high immunisation coverage as it pertains to measles and other vaccine preventable diseases.

In a statement yesterday the ministry said this positive immunisation status is directly related to T&T’s resilient, vigilant and committed approach to reducing the prevalence of all vaccine preventable diseases.

It said the National Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI) of the Ministry of Health manages programmes that treat with such diseases. 

This country, however, remains at risk for the re-introduction of measles due to factors such as regular global travel to and from our shores and increased visitor arrivals during peak periods such as Carnival or international sporting events.

Measles is an acute viral illness which is highly infectious. It is characterised by fever, rash and cough.

The ministry said anyone who has not been completely immunised and come into contact with the virus is at risk for developing measles. The risk is higher in children under five years of age.

It said the present strategy employed by the ministry to protect against the re-introduction of measles centres around two primary components:

• Achieving and maintaining high immunisation coverage for measles

• Prompt management of any cases

A key step taken by the ministry to manage national vaccination levels was the reduction in the time between a child’s first and second measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccinations.

According to the ministry, infants can now receive their second MMR dose at two years old. Previously, the second dose was given between four and five years of age. Immunisation initiatives, such as this, have helped to increase the overall vaccination coverage across the island to the 93 and 90 percentiles in respect of the first and second doses of MMR received.

There is no link between vaccines and autism: the MMR vaccine is safe, and effective at preventing measles, mumps, and rubella.

Vaccines, like any medicine, can have side effects. Most people who get the MMR vaccine do not have any side effects. Vaccine safety experts, including experts at the United States Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP), agree that the MMR vaccine is not responsible for increases in the number of children with autism (See vaccinesafety/concerns/autism.html).

The ministry is reminding that all children (between the ages of 5 and 16 years) must be immunised before being admitted into a school.

Parents are advised to ensure that their child receives all the necessary vaccinations within the prescribed periods. This service is available, at no cost, at all public health centres across T&T.

The ministry said it remains ready and committed to the protection of the health of the public.

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18 charged with money laundering in last 7 years

News - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 23:06

Over the past seven years, the Financial Investigations Branch (FIB) of the T&T Police Service (TTPS) has charged 18 people in relation to laundering almost $20 million.

The unit also successfully forfeited $418,387,40, US$138,620 and EC$28,000 to the State from money launders during the period.

The statistics were revealed by ASP Terrence Pierre, while speaking at the weekly police press briefing, at the Police Administration Building in Port-of-Spain, yesterday.

Pierre said between March and last month, the unit charged one man with laundering US$693,040 and made five cash forfeiture applications before the courts for the seizure of $600,889 and US$1,022.

Pierre claimed that the unit is expected to increase its workload after being assigned 17 new investigators in May.

“These officers passed through a three-week training programme which offered them the opportunity to be exposed to a wide range of topics and techniques in investigating financial crimes,” Pierre said, as he noted that the unit was also building its capacity by facilitating training on terrorist financing.

He said the FIB dealt exclusively with investigating money laundering and terrorist financing, while the Anti-Corruption Investigations Bureau (ACIB) and Fraud Squad pursue money laundering investigations in cases where it results from corruption or fraud.

He congratulated the ACIB for its investigation into corruption at the San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation, which resulted in nine people being charged with money laundering, last month.

They were charged for offences relating to $22.5 million in a payroll scam which occurred between 2011 and last year.

Investigators are still searching for two others linked to the crime.

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Spate of robberies at Sando Hill

News - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 23:05

Forestry Division workers are calling for better security at the San Fernando Hill following a spate of robberies—the most recent being on Monday when three employees were robbed at gunpoint.

The traumatised workers have embarked on a go-slow action to protest their unsafe working environment.

Neil Baxter, a handyman, who has been working at the Hill for the past 17 years, complained that neither workers nor visitors are safe.

“Right now it is not safe for anyone here. Sometimes visitors come to the administration office to report that they got robbed. Some people don’t make a report to the police. But workers are scared. We are calling on the Minister of Agriculture and the Forestry Division to do something,” he said.

Baxter said 12 workers, comprising checkers, handymen and cleaners, work at the Hill. He recalled that around 9 am on Monday a man walked into the administration office, pointed a gun at three female employees, and robbed them.

The man escaped with their cellphones, $30,000 in jewelry and $1,200.

“About five minutes after the man walked in, he saw the girls coming out crying. The man ran through one of the trails and escaped,” said Baxter.

He said the latest incident has been reported to the police, the National Union of Government and Federated Workers (NUGFW), the Ministry of Agriculture and the Forestry Division.

“We have no proper security and we have been begging and pleading with the Forestry Division to install proper security here because people have been robbing the visitors and now they robbing employees. There is also a play park at the Hill and people come with their children. We need cameras installed and proper security.”

Baxter said they have also asked that the three female checkers be relocated to the Forestry Division in Pleasantville. He commended the police officers from the Mon Repos Police Station for doing regular patrols on the Hill.

Contacted via WhatsApp Messenger for comment, Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat said they were presently reviewing the security at the Hill.

“Part of the problem lies in the poor performance of some of our private security providers working in public spaces. That is currently under review,” said the minister.

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Some Beetham residents condemn attack on Hinds

News - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 23:02

Totally uncalled for.

That’s how residents of Beetham Gardens responded to flood waters being doused on acting Attorney General Fitzgerald Hinds and councillor Akil Audain during a visit to their community which was under knee-high waters following torrential rains.

Yesterday, the residents voiced displeasure at the disrespectful actions by those who turned on their Laventille West MP causing him to make a hasty retreat out of the area on Tuesday.

At Seventeen Street, a stone’s throw from where Hinds was attacked, Hildred Morgan, a Cepep worker said was totally against what happened.

“I not supporting what the few residents did to our MP. Honestly, this was uncalled for…the way they behaved. It was not the time and place for that,” said Morgan, who was busy pushing out water from her home yesterday.

Against her wall, Morgan had a soaked mattress, shoes and a sofa drying in the sun.

“Hinds come to see the damage in here and he had to run for his life. So those who needed the help were left stranded. We had to battle on our own after Hinds left. And we still fighting up hours later. It’s almost noon and we ain’t get no food items or mattresses from the authorities. No relief supplies whatsoever.”

A truck from the Port-of-Spain Corporation was seen picking up discarded water-soaked items placed at the side on the pavement of several streets.

Morgan confessed that a few residents had made it worse for those who were in need of genuine assistance.

“I don’t know if Hinds will ever come back in here seeing how he was treated,” Morgan said.

Resident Lessie Smith said what Hinds faced was an unwarranted and unjust attack.

“The man come to help we and they insulted and humiliated him. That bad. How could I support that?” he complained.

At Sixteenth Street, Nigel Sankar said the actions by those who threw the water on Hinds and Audain was not a reflection of the entire community, as there are good people in the area, some of whom suffer at the hands of others.

“That is what stigmatise our community and those who are in desperate need would never get help,” Sankar said.

Several calls to Hinds’ cellphone yesterday went unanswered and he did not respond to a text message seeking comment.


Acting Attorney General and Laventille West MP Fitzgerald Hinds made a report to police against a group of residents of Beetham Gardens who doused him with floodwater during a tour of the community on Tuesday.

Police sources said that Hinds went to the Besson Street Police Station to make the report yesterday. Hinds refused to confirm or deny the reason for his visit when asked by reporters outside the station.

Guardian Media was unable to confirm whether local government councillor for the area, Akil Audian, who accompanied Hinds on the tour of the flood-ravaged community and who was also soaked with floodwater, made a similar report.

Now that the incident is reported, police are expected to visit the community to interview those who were involved and those who witnessed the incident. No arrests were made up to late yesterday.

Investigations are continuing.
—Derek Achong

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Councillor hurt by assault ...pledges to continue serving people

News - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 22:57

Beetham/Picton councillor Akil Audain said he felt hurt after floodwater was splashed on him by Beetham Gardens burgesses.

Audain said on Monday when the first flooding took place in the community he visited the community and “did not leave until 9 pm after assessing the situation for disaster to come the following day to bring relief.”

He said the people who retaliated on Tuesday have not realised what they have done to their community.

“As it stands right, now essential services don’t go into Laventille communities without the presence of the police,” he said.

As the area’s councillor for the past eight years, Audain described the attack as “disheartening and hurtful,” stating that this was the last thing he expected since he had a good relationship and rapport with the residents.

Audain said during the visit with Laventille West MP Fitzgerald Hinds “one resident began to cuss me while walking. Expletives were hurled at me as soon as we went there. Then, we had an exchange of words and he (resident) got upset. I left it alone.”

Asked if he felt threatened at any point in time, Audain said no, stating that he remained calm and walked out with an angry mob behind him.

He said despite the incident he would still serve the people of Beetham Gardens.

“I am a representative of the community. This would not stop me from doing my duties and serving the people.”

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Kidnapped fisherman rescued by police

News - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 22:51

A little over two days after he was abducted from his home by a group of men posing as police officers, a 46-year-old fisherman from La Brea was rescued by police yesterday.

According to reports, Kenny Soogrim, of Union Road, La Brea, was abducted from his home around 3 am on Monday.

Soogrim and his family were awakened by a group of men, who were dressed in what appeared to be police tactical gear, who claimed they were there to execute a search warrant.

The men searched the house and handcuffed Soogrim after they claimed to have found a quantity of drugs hidden in the house.

They told Soogrim’s family that they had to take him to the La Brea Police Station where he would be charged.

However, shortly after the men left with Soogrim, they received a call and were informed that he had been kidnapped. A US$50,000 ransom was demanded.

The family made a report to the Anti-Kidnapping Unit and an investigation was launched after the unit confirmed that Soogrim was not in police custody and was not the subject of an official police operation.

A team of officers from the unit and the Port-of-Spain CID led by Senior Supt Ajith Persad made a breakthrough in the investigation yesterday after they received information where Soogrim was being held captive.

Around 2 pm yesterday, the officers went to a forested area, off Ocean Sand Road in Mayaro where they found Soogrim handcuffed in a shack. Police believe his captors may have fled shortly before they arrived.

Soogrim was taken to the hospital for medical attention. Police sources said he was beaten by his kidnappers but did not suffer any life-threatening injuries. Persad, ASP Anderson Pariman and Insp Nicholas Thomas are continuing investigations.

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Brazen daylight gun attack in La Puerta

News - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 22:47

Two men were gunned down at La Puerta Road in Diego Martin yesterday in what was described as a “brazen” attack by men pretending to be police officers.

The dead men were identified as David Charles and Kurt “Ratty” Smith, 28.

According to a police report, at about 8.35 am, Charles, who was driving an Almera vehicle, pulled off the road after he heard a siren coming from a white Hyundai Tucson SUV behind him.

The vehicle also had a flashing blue light on the dashboard, an eyewitness said.

Police were told that seconds after Charles pulled off the road, the SUV stopped behind and two men dressed in khaki outfits and ski masks, and what appeared to be bullet-proof vests, alighted the vehicle and approached Charles and dragged him out.

Police said the men attempted to push Charles into the vehicle, however, he attempted to fight them off. A third man emerged from the SUV and the men held Charles down before he was shot repeatedly, according to CCTV footage of the incident.

The men got back into the vehicle and reversed over Charles’ body before speeding off.

As the SUV sped off, Smith, who was standing on the corner of Riverside Road, was also shot several times by the occupants of the SUV.

Smith was taken to the St James Infirmary by residents, however, he died while undergoing treatment. Both Charles and Smith lived at La Puerta.

Smith’s older brother, Curtis “Birdman” Smith was gunned down at La Puerta almost a year ago, on August 21, 2017.

Residents in the area, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of their own lives, said that they believe there is a “pact” to kill every member of Smith’s family and Birdman’s close friends and associates.

One of the men who was killed at the Boardwalk in Chaguaramas on July 9, Fabien “Super” Williams, was said to be a close friend of Charles. Williams, who lived at Sea View Hill, Carenage, was killed along with two others – Kedel “Timeless” Osbourne, 21, also from Sea View Hill and Andrew Francis, 39, of Mamoral No. 2. Guardian Media was told that Charles was scheduled to appear before a Port-of-Spain magistrate yesterday on charges of arms and ammunition.

A resident of La Puerta said that since Birdman’s killing, they believe there was a hit list out for members of his family and close associates.

A relative of Smith refuted reports that the Smith brothers were involved in gang activity.

“Ratty was never involved in any gang and guns and stuff…he was a contractor and he worked hard for his money. He was always ready to help anyone in need and was very kind-hearted,” he said, on the condition of anonymity.

Police officers from the Western Division yesterday expressed concern that the criminal elements were using “police-like vehicles, lights and sirens.”

A senior police officer at the Western Division said investigators are reviewing the CCTV footage of the incident, which also went viral on social media and could not confirm whether or not the gunmen were police or men pretending to be police.

“We will be tracing the vehicle and we are also asking anyone who may have any information or may have witnessed the incident to come forward to the police.”

Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams, when asked about criminal elements using vehicles resembling official police vehicles accompanied by flashing blue lights and sirens, said: “I would not want to comment loosely at the moment...when I am in a better position to comment I will.” This latest double murder brings the murder toll to 340.

Investigations are continuing.

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Exciting moments at NACAC Champs

Sports - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 13:24

T&T nabbed three medals at the North America Central America and Caribbean (NACAC) Championships that unfolded at the Varsity Stadium in Toronto, Canada over the weekend.
On Sunday, the final day of the three-day meet, Kyle Greaux claimed his first ever international gold medal in winning the men’s 200m final, beating a quality field that included home favourite Aaron Brown of Canada to cross the finish line first in a NACAC record.
Greaux’s 20.11 clocking bettered by one-hundredths of a second the previous championship record set by Jamaican Rasheed Dwyer in 2015. It also broke the stadium record which was held by Brown for two days after he impressed as the fastest qualifier in the heats.
He later recovered enough to see T&T to a bronze medal in the men’s 4x100m relay final along with twin Nathan and Johnathan Farinha and Jalen Purcell in 38.89 seconds. The gold was won by home team Canada who clocked 38.56.
Cleopatra Borel copped a silver medal in the women’s shot put event. Her best throw measured 17.83m on her second attempt to reach the podium.
Here are some of the moments at the NACAC Championships.

Jeneil Bellille focuses as she prepares to compete in the women’s 400m hurdles. 

Sprinter Reyare Thomas races in the women’s 200m. She placed eighth in the final.

Nathan Farinha hands over the baton to his twin brother Jonathan during the men’s 4x100m relay event. The T&T team, which also included Kyle Greaux and Jalen Purcell, won bronze in the final.

Sprinters Kyle Greaux, from left, Jalen Purcell, Jonathan Farinha and Nathan Farinha after bagging bronze in the men’s 4x100m relay final.

Cleopatra Borel shows off her silver medal after placing second in the women’s shot put event at the North American, Central American and Caribbean (NACAC) Senior Track and Field Championships in Toronto, Canada on the weekend. 

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Aguilleira: None should be left behind

Sports - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 05:11

Although the August vacation is speedily coming to an end, 330 primary and secondary school children from Marac, Moruga were all smiles when West Indies/national cricketer and Atlantic Sports Ambassador Merissa Aguilleira gave them school supplies and words of inspiration in preparation for the new academic year.

At the annual event held under the auspices of the Merissa Aguilleira “Back to School|” programme, children from Marac, La Lune, Penal Rock Road and the larger Moruga community were provided with school supplies and books well in time for the upcoming school year.

Special prizes were also given to Tyrese Bernard and Akeelah Nelson, the top boys’ and girls’ Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) students in the district.

The event, which was held on August 3 at the Marac Community Centre, was also attended by representatives of LNG production company, Atlantic, which has sponsored the programme since its inception in 2013.

Anil Seunath, Branding and Sponsorships Officer, Atlantic said that the Programme’s far-reaching impact had the potential to contribute to the process of national transformation.

“Atlantic has supported Merissa and her team with her Back to School initiative for the last five years, and we’re happy every time we see these children getting empowered to excel just like Merissa has done in the world of cricket,” Seunath said. “We are big supporters of youth development and this programme puts students on the right track to succeed from the very first day of school.”

Moruga-born Aguilleira explained that the genesis of the annual “Merissa Aguilleira Book Drive” was her personal motto that no one should be left behind.

“Moruga has given me a strong support system and I am privileged to have the opportunity to relay that back to my home community,” Aguilleira said. “We are supporting the students so that they can remain focused on their education. We do not want them to face any obstacles in their education because of finances.”

Aguilleira also said that the programme’s growth over the years was additional inspiration to keep playing cricket.

We have assisted over 300 children in primary and secondary children,” she said.

Tisha Mascall, parent of a first-time recipient said she was grateful for the programme.

“I’m thankful that Merissa has gone out there and made something of herself but comes back and gives to the community. Moruga is proud of her.”

With a daughter in Bass Terre Primary School, Mascall added, “Many parents do not have easy access to the books and stationery. This initiative is a big help to the parents.”

Merissa and her West Indies team-mates will be competing in the ICC Women’s World Twenty20 in November in matches in Guyana, St Lucia and Antigua and Barbuda.

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Young T&T stars into LCA/Sagicor semis

Sports - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 05:08

T&T is assured of the title in the Boys Singles 14 and Under Division at the Sagicor/COTECC Junior Tennis Tournament at the St Lucia National Tennis Centre in Castries with all four semi-final positions being taken by T&T players.

Kyle Kerry, the top seed had a flawless 6-0, 6-0 triumph over Rodain Monelle of Antigua, and Sebastian Sylvester, who will be his opponent in today’s semi-final, battled past Mackai Whitter of Bermuda in straight sets in another quarter-final match-up.

Sylvester endured the Bermudan resistance to prevail 6-4 in the first set, but in the second the T&T stand-out hardly broke a sweat in clobbering his counterpart 6-0 to claim the win.

Ethan Wong and Luca Shamsi are the other semi-finalists today after both had similar wins over their countrymen Saqiv Williams and Jace Quashie respectively.

Wong prevailed 6-2, 6-0 in his match but looked on afterwards as Shamsi breezed past Quashie, his teammate at the recently concluded Cotecc Sub Regional 4 Development U-12 Tournament, in straight sets 6-0, 6-0.

In the Girls equivalent, however, T&T have absolutely no chance of gaining silverware after its top two players Cameron Wong and Charlotte Ready went down in their respective encounters.

Number #4 seed Wong, after making her way to the second round, could not stop Maely Betzy of Martinique from progressing 6-2, 6-4, and later Ready was anything but ready for Grenadian Sienna Dominique’s match-winning performance 6-2, 7-6(3).

In the Boys Singles Consolation, the semi-final field is also being dominated by T&T players.

Thomas Chung was the first to book his spot, getting the better of Justin Atkins of Barbados 4-0, 4-0 before Beckham Sylvester needed three sets to get rid of home-town favourite Petterson George 2-4, 4-1 and 10-6.

Tim Pasea is the other T&T player among the final four players in the field when he dismissed Saige Charles of St Lucia 4-1, 4-2.

The other semi-finalist Alexander Small of Barbados triumphed over Jason Hunte of St Lucia 4-0, 4-1.


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T&T youngsters begin Junior & Cadet Open in El Salvador

Sports - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 05:06

Derron Douglas and Luc O’Young will lead T&T’s challenge when the El Salvador Junior and Cadet Open International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Junior Circuit serves off in San Salvador, today from 10 and runs until Sunday.

Douglas, the reigning national Under-15 champion left last Tuesday and attended a training camp at Lilly Yip Table Tennis Training Centre in Dunellen, New Jersey for a week before he linked up with national U-18 title-holder O’Young in Miami en route to El Salvador on Monday.

The quartet of coach Dennis La Rose, Jesse Dookie, N’Kosi Rouse and Mikhail Rouse left on Friday for the Central American country.

Today, the tenth-ranked team of Dookie and Rouse will compete with 11 other teams in the Junior Boys Team competition while Douglas and Mikhail Dookie, 14th ranked of 21 teams will also be in action.

The duo of Douglas (19th) and Mikhail Dookie (47th), will compete in the Cadet Boys Singles competition while the trio of Luc O’Young (seventh), Jesse Dookie (27th), and Rouse (30th) will do battle with 51 other players in the Junior Boys Singles.

Last month, Douglas and O’Young were beaten in their respective Junior Boys Singles last-32 matches at the Pan American Junior Table Tennis Championship in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Douglas went under to Argentina’s Martin Bentacor 1-11, 10-12, 3-11, 8-11 and O’Young was beaten by USA’s Sharon Alguetti 2-11, 3-11, 3-11, 3-11.

The local duo was also ousted in the first round of the Boys Doubles, 11-9, 9-11, 6-11, 14-16 by Puerto Ricans, Angel Naranjo and Jabdiel Torres. Both Douglas and O’Young had qualified from their round-robin singles group as second-placed finishers. Douglas went under to Canada’s Terrence Yeung 4-11, 6-11, 8-11 in his four-player Group Ten opener.

However, the T&T ace rebounded with wins against Aruban Jean-Claude Hoek 12-10, 10-12, 11-5, 5-11, 11-9 and Brazilian Sergio Bignardi, 11-5, 8-11, 11-4, 11-9 to end with a 2-1 pool record and second spot to qualify.

O’Young was also beaten in his Group Four opener by Chile’s Andres Martinez 3-11, 9-11, 8-11 but outplayed Dominican Republic’s Noel Almonte 11-6, 11-7, 11-6 in his other match for a 1-1 record and second in his three-player series. Martinez defeated Almonte 11-8, 11-6, 5-11, 11-8 in the other match. Javier King, T&T’s other participant, did not manage to get out of his Group Eighth four-player pool after defeats at the hands of Uruguay’s Pablo Palou (6-11, 5-11, 7-11); Dominican Republic’s Omar Andujar (5-11, 7-11, 11-9, 7-11), and Canada’s Alexander Bu, (1-11, 5-11, 4-11).

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Jattan takes top prize in Panini/FIFA sticker draw

Sports - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 05:04

Roshan Jattan copped the top prize in the much anticipated Panini/FIFA Sticker Album draw held by Safari Publications on Saturday at their offices in Frederick Settlement in Caroni.

Terry Fenwick, former England international and founder of the Terry Fenwick Football Factory Foundation gave the feature address and congratulated the 55 participants who successfully completed their Sticker Albums on time.

Fenwick who now resides in Trinidad, advised the many youths present to keep focused on their footballing development, pointing out that newly crowned FIFA World Cup Champions France star player Kylian Mbappe, is just 18 year old and the youngest player to have won a World Cup since Pele did so for Brazil in 1958.

Jattan took home a 40-inch Hisense Smart TV, second-placed Ibrahim Amedu received a Sony PS4 and third-place winner Chad Seesahai got an Apple iPad.

In other awards, Raphael Hospedales, who was fourth, won a Samsung cell phone and fifth-place Nalini Gayadeen collected a Nigel R Khan book voucher.

All other remaining participants were presented a consolation prize of a FIFA World Cup, Russia, replica football.

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Jabloteh edges North East 1-0

Sports - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 05:00

A single strike by Sean Bonval in the 74th minute earned seasoned campaigners San Juan Jabloteh its first win in the T&T Pro League yesterday, a 1-0 victory over defending champions North East Stars at the Larry Gomes Stadium in Malabar, Arima.

The Jabloteh men dominated the affair in both halves and had it not been for the heroics of goalkeeper Glenroy Samuels, the scoreline would have been much wider.

Jabloteh coach Keith Jeffreys said his team played well but they are set to strengthen their attack after recruiting midfielder Elton John from T&T Super League outfit Queen’s Park Cricket Club recently.

Jeffreys is also staying mum on a few other expected signings. He told Guardian Media Sports his players are aiming at qualifying for the CONCACAF Caribbean Champions League where there is a monetary gain to be had.

“We didn’t play as well as we expected at the First Citizens Cup so we are trying to lift our performance for the League which will hopefully get us into the CONCACAF, Caribbean Champions League. At this point we are just happy to move to four points after two matches,” Jeffreys said.

North East, on the other hand, has enjoyed a much-improved performance from the opening Charity Shield and First Citizens Cup competitions.

Like, their counterparts, the Sangre Grande/Arima-based team has its eyes set on a number of new recruits in the coming weeks, such as midfielder Sean De Silva and another player who plays professionally in the United States.

In another game last night, Point Fortin Civic was scheduled to host Morvant Caledonia United in another game at Mahaica Oval.

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T&T vballers beat Barbados for bronze

Sports - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 04:58

T&T men’s volleyballers picked up bronze last night at the 17th edition of the Caribbean Zonal Volleyball Association (CAZOVA) Men’s Championship in Suriname.

The national team met Barbados in the third-placed match and won 3-1 at the Ismay Van Wilgen Sporthal, Paramaribo. This after the Bahamas eliminated two-time reigning champions, T&T, 26-24, 22-25, 22-25, 25-20, 15-12 in their final round-robin match yesterday morning, a virtual semifinal for both teams.

Meaning that a new champion was to be crowned last night in the final when Bahamas, the 2012 champion was to come up against Suriname for the title.

T&T, winner of three of the last four editions of the tournament, seemed poised to make its fifth consecutive final when it went up two sets to one. But they began the fourth set with a series of unforced errors and although the Bahamas reciprocated late in the set, their lead was too significant (19-11) and they managed to do enough to force the decider.

The Bahamas only trailed once (6-5) in the fifth and eventually crossed the finish line in 113 minutes.

Playing by far his best indoor match, T&T’s leading beach volleyballer Daneil Williams was the game’s leading scorer with 22 points, three more than Bahamas captain Princ’tanique Wilson.

Wilson stated that the victory was payback for what transpired eight years ago when T&T beat them in the semifinals and went on to capture its first title.

“We are tired,” admitted Wilson.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it,” said the Bahamian when asked if they will be able to recover in time for the final.

Suriname reached the title match with a straight-set victory over Barbados last night and playing in front their home fans is another advantage that they have in their quest to strike gold for the first time.

However, the scenario had been the same when the met in the round-robin stage and Suriname had barely got home in the longest match of the tournament (two and half hours) on Sunday night.

Both Suriname and Bahamas were triumphant in three of their four matches in the first stage, but Suriname won ten of their 14 sets to finish on top, while the Bahamas won 11 sets and lost six.

Sean Morrison, who was attempting to win his second straight title as coach of T&T after playing on their triumphant 2012 and 2014 teams, stated that his team made too many mistakes, especially “spiking errors in the fifth set”.

“But hats off to Bahamas, they were more consistent than us.”

Nothing less than gold would have satisfied him but captain Ryan Stewart pointed out: “We still have a medal to play for.”

And it is more than a bronze-medal match as ten-time champions Barbados stunned T&T in five sets Sunday night in the round-robin stage.

When asked if his team will be ready for the final, veteran Bahamas coach Lloyd Davis said: “We are Bahamas, we never say dead, not die.”

Suriname rolls into CAZOVA final

On the verge of having to play another set, Suriname reeled off the last four points to defeat Barbados 25-23, 25-21, 25-23 and advance to the final on Monday night

Gino Naarden and Zefano Breinburg led the way for the hosts with 13 points, two more than their most prolific scorer Keven Sporklede. But the leading scorer in the 90-minute affair was Barbadian Kyle Browne – who had scored a tournament-high 33 the night before against T&T – with 14.

Barbados was inconvenienced by the loss of their setter to injury in their epic five-set upset of T&T the night before and Suriname coach Sergio Valdes acknowledged that their task would have been tougher had Alain London been able to play.

In Monday night’s first match, Bahamas, after suffering their only defeat in the longest match of the tournament last night against their hosts, defeated Haiti 25-20, 22-25, 25-21, 25-23.

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Give father his rightful place in the home

Columnists - Wed, 08/15/2018 - 02:17

Recently, many people have been sending me an illustration that I am guessing they believe to be in support of my recent #proudlysubmissive article and social media postings. The illustration is that of a large umbrella that has the father over the mother and the mother over the children. It further denotes that the father is the protector and the provider and that the mother is the teacher and nurturer and, of course, our poor children are merely to obey the parents.

This illustration felt wrong to me.

It left me with the barefoot, mute and pregnant feeling that I blamed in my last article as the whole reason we have dirtied the concept of submission.

It even dirties the concept of children submitting to leadership.

So, of course, I took to The Word to confirm, to discover the truth.

My word count is limited so I will not detail every scripture quoted (which may be a good thing, it’s always a great idea to do your own studies and not blindly follow others).

Here are my findings: ° Ephesians 6:4 ESV – Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

° Colossians 3:21 ESV – Fathers, do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged.

Right off the bat, we see that children are not just meant to be obedient full stop, just like wives aren’t meant to just be submissive full stop.

Too often, we see scripture partially.

For years we saw the submission of wives only and did not see the responsibility of husbands and we see the obedience of children only and not the responsibility of fathers.

In both letters, the Apostle Paul sets the responsibility of parenting with the father and in Colossians he even warns of the consequences of poor fatherhood.

I went deeper into the word father, which means I sought out the original text.

The original word used, πατήρ, means nourisher, protector and upholder. It is the same word used when referring to the Heavenly Father, so of course it appears more than 400 times in the Bible and is further described as the person who imparts life and is COMMITTED to it.

What I found even more fascinating is the fact that the Bible quotes fathers more when referring to the instilling of discipline, than mothers, it is either specific to fathers or neutral in its language.

My word count is quickly coming to an end, so here are some scriptures you can check out in your free time: Hebrews 12, Matthew 7, Proverbs 22, 29 and 1, Psalm 78, Deuteronomy 6 and Titus 2.

Once again, we have relied on the human examples of the past to form our biblical ideologies, rather than humbling ourselves before the word to hear the truth. The demise we are seeing in our society today can only be fixed if fathers take up their rightful places in the home and more so if society allows them to.

We can no longer see them as merely financial child support. They must be allowed to have input. In fact, they must be allowed to set the tone for parenting in the home. That means the way we parent our sons must change. Our young men must be made aware of the enormous responsibility that awaits them. “Boys will be boys” must become a statement of the past and our boys must be held to a much higher standard from the very get go.

Let’s correct the ills of our ancestors and let’s put our families back in its correct order. Only then can we regain any hope of a better society.

Marsha L Walker

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