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Courier warns customers about sex toys imports

News - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 22:29

E-courier Web Source has advised its customers to think twice before purchasing sex toys online.

In correspondence issued to its customers yesterday, the company claimed that the intimate devices fell under the Customs and Excise Division’s list of prohibited items.

Other items include camouflage patterns, illegal drugs, cigarettes, honey, plants, seeds, soil and toy guns, including those with brightly coloured muzzles. Firearm holsters are also prohibited unless the importer has a valid firearm user’s licence.

It said: “Please note that Customs will be inspecting all packages to ensure compliance with the law. As such, they can and will seize the items listed below and any other prohibited items.”

It also noted that its shipping fees remain payable even if prohibited items are seized.

Despite the warning, sources within the division, who spoke to television station CNC3, said that not all sex toys are prohibited as only items which closely resemble actual sex organs would be barred.

However, they noted that the final decision on each item rests with the Customs officer, who is assigned to inspect that package.

The prohibition of sex toys falls under Section 45 (l) of the Customs Act, which barred the importation of “indecent or obscene prints, paintings, photographs, books, cards, lithographic or other engravings, gramophone records or any other indecent or obscene articles or matter”.

The Criminal Offences Act and Summary Offences Act also outlaws the distribution and sale of such illicit items.

Police sources said that while the items have been prohibited for decades under the legislation, some packages may slip pass Customs officials, who may just perform random searches.

Some people also elude the legislation by smuggling the items in the suitcases during overseas trips.

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Best CSEC results in 10 years

News - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 22:18

The 2018 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and CAPE examination results have been the best this country has seen in the last decade.

While this has been good news for Education Minister Anthony Garcia, it has also created cause for concern, as 1,486 of the 16,042 CSEC students in government and government-assisted schools who sat the examinations this year did not obtain a pass mark in any subject area.

At a press conference at his ministry yesterday, Garcia assured that his ministry has rolled out a number of initiatives that will bring better CSEC results in 2019.

Garcia attributed a number of factors for the unsuccessful students, ranging from students not being able to cope academically, abject poverty, lack of reading materials in some homes and weak family structures.

In giving a breakdown of the results, Garcia said 60.78 per cent of CSEC students obtained a full certificate, while 56.47 per cent of students were able to attain five subjects which included English and Mathematics.

In 2017, the ministry had recorded 1,725 CSEC students scoring a zero pass rate.

Chief Education Officer Harrilal Seecharan said the ministry had recorded the highest CESC pass rate with five and more subjects in the last ten years.

Seecharan said 60.78 per cent of students who wrote the examination obtained five and more subjects, while 56.47 per cent got five and more with Mathematics and English.

He said the pass rates in 14 subjects in 2018 were higher than last year’s.

Seecharan noted that 51.93 per cent of boys who wrote the CSEC examination in 2018 “got five and more (subjects) with Maths and English, compared to last year’s 47.88 per cent.

“This has been an improvement.”

“Both at CSEC and CAPE this year we had performances that exceeded the past ten years. In other words, we’ve had the best results in the past ten years this year,” Seecharan boasted.

Seecharan said a number of the 1,400 unsuccessful CSEC students also sat subjects in the Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) this year.

“So many of those students not passing CSEC subjects may have been successful in the CVQ subjects,” Seecharan said, which would change the pass rate figures significantly when the CVQ results are announced.

Garcia said the results of the CAPE examination continue to be excellent.

This year, he said in Unit 1 of CAPE, 95.31 per cent of students achieved a passing grade, stating that this figure showed a slight improvement compared to last year’s figure of 95.06 per cent.

The 95.31 per cent represented “22,381 subject entries,” Garcia said.

In Unit 2, of the 11,128 subject entries, Garcia said 94.7 per cent of the received a passing grade. Last year, 94.44 per cent of the students had obtained a passing grade.

“Of the 32 subjects written by our students…26 of these subjects had students scoring more than 90 per cent,” Garcia said.

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Ministry: No payment for marking SBAs

News - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 22:16

The Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) has instructed the Ministry of Education not to pay secondary school teachers for the marking of School-Based Assessments (SBA) papers, as this forms part of their responsibility.

Teachers who fail to comply with this directive can face disciplinary action.

The announcement was made yesterday at a press conference hosted by Education Minister Anthony Garcia at his ministry’s headquarters in Port-of-Spain.

However, in response, the president of the T&T Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) Lynsley Doodhai has promised to challenge the CPO and the ministry’s decision in court next month.

In April, Doodhai had warned Garcia that teachers would not be marking students School-Based Assessments (SBAs) at the beginning of the new academic year in September unless they are paid.

Garcia said when TTUTA raised the matter four months ago, the ministry sought advice from the Attorney General, who in turn referred the issue to the CPO for her opinion.

Garcia said the CPO advised that “the marking of SBAs form part of the duties of secondary school teachers. Failure to perform the said duties may result in disciplinary action under the code of conduct of the Education Teaching Service Regulations Chapter 39.01.”

He said based on the CPO’s response, the ministry meet with TTUTA and outlined its position.

“Their response was, well, thanks very much. In fact, it is interesting to note that one of the things we were told by TTUTA was that the Jamaican teachers will now be paid for writing the SBAs, but that decision was arrived at through negotiations between the union and the CPO in Jamaica,” Garcia said.

Garcia, however, offered a suggestion to TTUTA that they can put forward a recommendation for such payments when they engage in discussions for an increase in salaries for teachers.

In a telephone interview, Doodhai said they “very soon will be issuing a pre-action protocol letter, in the first instance, the Ministry of Education and CPO with respect to payment of teachers for the marking of SBAs. We intend to pursue this matter to the end under the legal system.”

“Teachers are only responsible for marking of internal examinations set by us,” Doodhai said.

He said before the end of September, TTUTA’s attorneys will take the matter to court.

Doodhai said TTUTA was in total disagreement with the CPO’s advice.

He said the markings of SBAs for CSEC and CAPE subjects are external examinations set by the Caribbean Examinations Council.

On August 30, Doodhai said TTUTA’s general council will also meet to discuss the matter further.

Questioned how much money the teachers were asking for, Doodhai said “it’s not really a question of the quantum. What we have been saying all along it is a very tedious task to do SBAs and teachers cannot do that during the school time. We are also saying it is not the job of the teacher.”

Doodhai said they are willing to meet with the ministry and the Caribbean Examination Council to discuss how much should be paid.

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Hunt for serial arsonist

News - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 22:10

Residents of a San Fernando community are living in fear of a suspected serial arsonist whom they say is responsible for yesterday’s house fire in which a father and son were injured.

Cecil Phillip, 85, and his son Elvis, 55, narrowly escaped death after the arsonist succeeded on his sixth attempt to burn down their house at the corner of Rushworth and Harris Streets.

Their next-door neighbours, a family of five, were forced to jump through a window after the blaze spread to their roof and destroyed the upper floor of their house.

Residents suspect the arsonist is behind a string of fires in the San Fernando area. CCTV footage has linked him to at least three house fires in a four-block radius. Residents said the arsonist usually targets wooden vintage houses, strikes during the early hours of the morning and uses a flammable concoction to carry out his attacks.

The Phillip’s house was set on fire around 4 am. They hid in a concrete area to the back of their wooden home until the Fire Services doused the flames. The father and son suffered burns and were taken to the San Fernando General Hospital for treatment.

One of their relatives, who did not want to be named, complained, “This is the sixth time this happen and they keep making reports and nobody has been arrested. This person just keeps burning people houses,” she said.

Neighbour Bodnath Maharaj said he, his wife, two children, ages 12 and 7, and his mother, 79, jumped through a back window after the flames spread to their home. His wife received minor burns to her hands.

“I wasn’t seeing the neighbours, I thought they died,” said Maharaj, who complained that his neighbours made several reports to the police.

“Is five times they tried before to burn down the man house. There is a guy maliciously burning people houses and he always strike around 4 am,” he complained.

Another resident, Ian Chadee, said the arsonist made two attempts to burn down his parents home. He said the arsonist returned to his parents home early yesterday but went to Phillip’s house after he apparently saw the renovation work done to the house.

Following the second attack in May, he said his parents renovated the front wooden porch to an enclosed concrete board area.

“This morning he came with the concoction in his hand, his face covered, his gloves on, he watched up and realised it made no sense,” he surmised.

He said they have also installed security cameras, paid for private security patrols, installed wire mesh on all their windows and bought several fire extinguishers.

Chadee said the arsonist fit the description of the man captured on surveillance footage setting fire to the home and used bookstore of Merlyn Mohammed at the corner of Freeling and Rushworth Streets, last August.

Mohammed was hospitalised after she was badly burnt. Chadee said he and other relatives take turns staying with his parents, ages 77 and 68, and niece, in the event that the arsonist strikes.

He believes the police could identify and arrest the suspect if they obtain and sift through CCTV footage from the surrounding homes and businesses.

Police confirmed that both the Philip and Chadee families made reports at the San Fernando Police Station.

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Chambers hopeful as new CoP installed

News - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 22:08

Newly-appointed Police Commissioner Gary Griffith will be under heavy scrutiny from the Arima Business Association (ABA) for at least the next three months.

Speaking to the T&T Guardian yesterday, president Reval Chattergoon, while congratulating the new top cop, he said members of the Association will be monitoring him closely as they are eager to get results.

“Certainly we welcome Mr Griffith. He is like a breath of fresh air and we would be looking on towards to see results and action. The ABA is definitely willing to work with him in any way that we can,” Chattergoon said.

Chattergoon, who also sits on the Arima Police Station’s Council, said he has first-hand information on the deplorable conditions that officers at the station work under and hopes that Griffith intervenes soon.

“Arima has been neglected for far too long and we expect more attention to be given to Arima and environs as crime is high in these parts.”

Chattergoon is also hoping that Griffith takes time to review and approve gun licences for several business people, “whose applications have been ‘gathering cobweb’ on the Commissioner’s desk for far too long.”

The Greater Tunapuna Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GTCIC), led by president Surindra Maharaj, has also come out in full support of Griffith, “in his dynamic endeavours to annihilate the criminal element in our nation.”

Maharaj, who also extended heartiest congratulations and sincere best wishes to Griffith and acknowledged the specific skills and talents that Griffith can offer in the ongoing battle against crime.

“For too long now, our nation’s spirit lay dormant, silenced by the echo of gunfire,” Maharaj said in a statement issued last evening.

Maharaj noted Griffith’s 15 years military service, a military attache to former Prime Minister Basdeo Panday, two years as National Security Minister, not to mention long-standing commercial interests as a defense contractor, portrayed the image of Police Commissioner capable of not only controlling but also eliminating the criminal pest that plagues our land.

President of the Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Vishnu Charran wished Griffth the best of luck and expressed hope in having the current crime situation turned around in T&T.

“We have confidence that he will stand up against the criminals and lawlessness in this country and help bring back the peace in T&T.”

Charran said the chamber eagerly awaits Griffith’s visit to meet with the burgesses of Chaguanas.

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Police Association eager to meet Gary

News - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 22:06

T&T Police Service Social and Welfare Association says it anticipates several outstanding issues affecting police officers would be addressed when it meets with the newly-appointed Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.

As a matter of priority, association’s secretary, ASP Anand Ramesar said he hopes that Griffith will iron out promotional issues and challenges that the membership is faced.

“There is a proposal that we would be seeking to present to him and it is not much different than what we gave when he was Minister of National Security,” Ramesar said.

The other issue, he said, is the revisiting of the re-branding of the T&T Police Service by way of implementing new uniforms.

“These two proposals stand out as a top priority and we did find favour with Griffith when he was a minister so we have high expectations that those issues will be treated with,” Ramesar said.

On the issue of non-lethal weapons, Ramesar said Griffith had been lobbying for tasers and pepper sprays and “we expect a follow through with this in his role as Commissioner.”

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‘I will not let you down’

News - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 22:03

T&T’s newly-appointed Commissioner of Police (CoP) Gary Griffith said yesterday there will be “less talk and more action” from him as he took over the reigns of the Police Service.

One of his main missions, he said, is to reduce crime, the fear of crime and regain public trust and confidence in the TTPS.

Griffith yesterday gave the assurance that he will not let down the citizens of the country as he is here “to serve my God, my country and the people of this great country.”

“I intend to do my job, serve my country and the people of this great country. I have an enormous task but I am prepared…I can assure you that I will not let you down,” Griffith said.

On Thursday, according to Minister of National Security Stuart Young, Cabinet approved and confirmed Griffith’s terms and conditions. Young thanked Griffith for agreeing and accepting the reasonable package.

Young told members of the media during a media conference held at the ministry’s Temple Court, Abercromby Street, Port-of-Spain that Griffith’s contract was executed on Thursday night where he officially received his instrument of appointment by the ministry’s permanent secretary Vel Lewis.

In a bid to restore public trust and confidence in the T&T Police Service (TTPS) and to deal with the issue of rogue officers within the service, Griffith said he will be using “a scientific approach.”

He said he intends to use four principles—leadership, good management, measurement of performance and accountabilityto get the job done.

Griffith said he would ensure that police officers “will be made accountable” and their performance measured.

“Those scientific measures that will be used should not only be seen as to discipline a police officer or to suspend or fire them but it can also be used as a yardstick to ensure that the police officer can actually measure, based on his performance, above and beyond the call of duty to ensure reward or promotion,” Griffith said.

“Those are the systems that can be used to improve the police service and weed out the rogue elements that exist,” he said.

Griffith promised that many of the initiatives and policies would be implemented to ensure a reduction in crime.

He also said that he would be working with all stakeholders, inclusive of the citizens “to ensure their fundamental rights are adhered to.”

“I can assure you that my job, my intention is to ensure public trust and confidence is brought back into the service…I have a good working knowledge…there will be much less talking and more action this time around,” Griffith said.

Griffith said he intends to prove himself by displaying maturity and leadership and seeking to engage all in dialogue.

“I have received via WhatsApp and email about 2,000 crime plans from citizens and I will respond to every one. Every citizen has a part to play and I would not ignore any recommendation. I intend to meet with all stakeholders because I certainly do not know everything,” Griffith said.

Asked of operational strategies, Griffith said he preferred not to comment until further notice, however, Young interjected saying that some of that will require new and amended legislation.

“We are actively looking at that with the Attorney General’s Office. In National Security, my opinion is that certain things can be spoken about and some not spoken about. We are already operating where elements are against us…If you are going to war, you are not going to declare what the strategy is,” Young said.

Young, in his statement, thanked outgoing Stephen Williams, who proceeded on a ten-day vacation leave from yesterday, as acting in the position as CoP for the last six years.

“We thank Williams for playing the role and performing the role and doing his utmost best in very trying circumstances. We, as a nation, owe him the gratitude of service for all he has done for the country. He has done it without any complaint and gave his best along with the rest of the police service,” Young said.

Subsequent to the media conference, Griffith was escorted over to the TTPS’ Administration Building where he officially took the Oath Affirmation of Office and Secrecy, as CoP.

The oath was administered at 10.35 am by the acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Administration, Erla Christopher, and witnessed by Permanent Secretary, Ministry of National Security, Vel Lewis, acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Crime and Support, Harold Phillip and acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, Operations, Deodat Dulalchan, in the Commissioner’s Office, 6th Floor.

Griffith is the country’s 12th CoP, after Canadian Dwayne Gibbs, who served from 2010-2012.

Williams, whose substantive rank is that of Deputy Commissioner of Police, acted in the position from August 7, 2012, to August 16, 2018.

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Tallawahs thrash Patriots to record third straight victory

Sports - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 05:38

KINGSTON, Jamaica—The Jamaica Tallawahs registered their third consecutive victory in the Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) by outclassing the St Kitts and Nevis Patriots by 47 runs on Wednesday night.

Led by an unbeaten half-century from Ross Taylor, the Tallawahs posted a competitive 178-4 in their 20 overs and then used a stifling bowling performance to limit the Patriots to just 131-9 from their 20 overs.

The Tallawahs were given a scorching start by openers Kennar Lewis (49) and Glenn Phillips (41), who put on 64 in 6.2 overs.

Phillips was lucky not to have lost his wicket when he was just 11 after he miscued a pull off Carlos Brathwaite, but substitute fielder Hayden Walsh Jr who was on for an injured Chris Gayle spilled the chance.

Just when it seemed as if the Tallawahs were running away with the contest, the Patriots struck twice in three deliveries through legspinner Sandeep Lamichhane.

First, he accounted for the wicket of Lewis and then had Andre McCarthy lbw two balls later for a duck to leave the score 65-2.

That brought Taylor to the crease and together with Phillips, they added 42 for the third wicket.

Taylor was fortunate not to have been dismissed on six, skying a catch to extra cover off the bowling of Anton Devcich. However, he was called back to the crease after it was realized Devcich had overstepped the crease.

It proved to be a costly error, as after a slow start Taylor scored 40 runs off his last 15 balls, with the Tallawahs plundering 65 runs off their final five overs.

He was especially severe on fast bowler Sheldon Cottrell, whom he dispatched for three huge sixes in the 16th over, which went for 20 runs.

Rovman Powell hit a quickfire 18 from just 14 balls and captain Andre Russell hit an unbeaten 10 to help the Tallawahs up their final score.

Taylor’s unbeaten 51 came off 35 balls and contained two boundaries and four sixes.

With an out-of-sorts Chris Gayle still opting to open the batting, the Patriots never posed a threat in their run chase.

In the first two overs bowled by Oshane Thomas and Krishmar Santokie respectively, Gayle scored just one run from the 12 balls he faced.

Things then got even worse when Thomas produced a brilliant delivery which Evan Lewis could only edge behind to the wicketkeeper to leave them 1-1 after 2.2 overs.

Tom Cooper’s wretched run in the CPL continued as he was dismissed for just 7, before Gayle’s miserable stay at the crease finally came to an end, his 24 runs coming from 25 balls, as the Patriots stumbled to 39-3 at the end of the sixth over.

The wickets of Devcich, Devon Thomas and Ben Cutting followed soon after, as they fell into further trouble at 61-6. (CMC)


n TALLAWAHS 178 for four off 20 overs (Ross Taylor 51 not out, Kennar Lewis 49, Glenn Phillips 41; Sandeep Lamichhane 2-21)
n PATRIOTS 131 for nine off 20 overs (Chris Gayle 24, Mahmudullah 22; Kishmar Santokie 2-13, Imad Wasim 2-21, Adam Zampa 2-38)

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Balthazar scores handful

Sports - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 05:36

Jerwyn Balthazar struck five times in the first half to lead Defence ForForce FC to a 10-0 humiliation of St Ann’s Rangers in Round One Match Day Two of the 2018 T&T Pro League fixture at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Mucurapo, on Wednesday night.

The 35-year-old Balthazar scored in the 19th, 21st, 32nd, 36th and 40th minutes after Thurlani George opened the scoring for the ‘Tetron Boys’ in the 15th minute against the youthful St Ann’s Rangers line-up under the supervision of a new coaching staff headed by Dave “Hog Head” Quamina.

Former St Ann’s Rangers striker Dylon King was also on target for Defence Force to make it 8-0 in the 43rd minute after club captain Chadley David was credited with a 29th-minute own goal which made it 4-0.

In the second-half, Brent Sam netted a double in the 48th and 61st minute to improve his tally to eight goals in all competitions so far this season to complete the 10-0 romp against a side that are made up of mostly Pro League newcomers and more than half the “development” roster teenagers – and none above 23.

With the win, Defence Force improved to maximum six points from two matches and top of the standings, ahead of W Connection on goal-difference after the ‘Savonetta Boys’ whipped Police FC 4-0 in the second match of a double- header at Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva.

Former champions, Central FC and Club Sando follow in third and fourth, respectively, with four points each as San Juan Jabloteh, after playing to a 1-1 draw in the first game in Couva.

Club Sando had led the Central from 12 minutes when recent signing Shackiel Henry got the better of experienced T&T goalkeeper Marvin Phillip to poke the Oranges in front 1-0.

Central FC was dealt another blow in the 57th minute when defender Jared London, who joined the ‘Couva Sharks’ this year from Club Sando, was shown the red card by referee Kellon Bacchus after picking up his second yellow card of the second half for a tug on Henry which took the former Pt Fortin Civic and W Connection forward to ground in the final third.

But just as Central caretaker Walt Noriega was about to make a tactical change at the expense of veteran poacher Kerry Baptiste with his team down to ten men, the former Pro League Player of the Year and second all-time goalscorer, combined brilliantly with Duane Muckette in the 64th minute at the edge of the Sando area for the latter to score the equaliser past a hapless Kelvin Henry to level the scores at 1-1 following a left side move by Jameel Neptune.

In the night’s second game, Kadeem Corbin opened W Connection’s scoring against Police with a superb volley past goalkeeper Adrian Foncette in the 35th minute before W Connection captain and St Kitts/Nevis international Gerard Williams doubled the advantage from the penalty spot in the 48th minute after referee CJ O’Brien ruled a handball in the box against Police defender Ryan O’Neil.

Jomal “Bebo” Williams then came off the bench to score a brilliant solo goal from 25 yards to put the score at 3-0 while Marcus “Lobo” Joseph completed the 4-0 rout in the 90th minute with his ninth goal in all competitions this season.

W Connection returns to play against rivals Central FC tomorrow in Match Day Three for the first Couva Clasico of the season from 6 pm Couva, preceding a 4 pm clash between Defence Force and North East Stars. 

Simultaneously at the Mannie Ramjohn Stadium, Marabella, Police FC faces Jabloteh from 4 pm, and from 6 pm at Mahaica Oval, Pt Fortin, Club Sando tackles Pt Fortin Civic


• Club Sando 1 (Shackiel Henry
12th) vs Central FC 1 (Duane
Muckette 64th)
• W Connection 4 (Kadeem Corbin
35th, Gerard Williams 48th, Jomal
Williams 79th, Marcus Joseph 90th)
vs Police FC 0
• Defence Force FC 10 (Thurlani
George 15th, Jerwyn Balthazar
19th, 21th, 32nd, 36th, 40th,
Chadley David o.g 29th, Dylon King
43rd, Brent Sam 48th, 61st ) vs
St. Ann’s Rangers 0
• San Juan Jabloteh 1 (Sean Bonval
76th) vs North East Stars 0
• Pt Fortin Civic 2 (Nion Lammy
30th, Hughtun Hector 38th) vs
Morvant Caledonia United 2
(Richard Williams 3rd,
Malik Mieres 47th)


• Police FC vs Jabloteh,
Mannie Ramjohn Stadium,
Marabella, 4pm
• Defence Force FC vs North East
Stars, Ato Boldon Stadium,
Couva, 4 pm
• Central FC vs W Connection,
Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva, 6 pm
• Pt Fortin Civic vs Club Sando,
Mahaica Oval, Pt Fortin, 6 pm

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Female boxers set for history-making moment

Sports - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 05:31

History is set to be made when a junior female boxing team will represent the country at an international tournament for the first time.

The team comprises three young, bright talents- Sharika Elias, Aleisha King and Faith Ramnath, all scheduled to compete at the Caribbean Schoolboys/Schoolgirls Development Boxing Tournament from today until Sunday in Georgetown, Guyana.

Team coaches Ria Ramnarine and Jason Aqui are concerned about the team’s travel, due to ongoing funding issues. A release yesterday stated “The T&T Boxing Association (TTBA) is currently trying to ensure that both male and female teams are able to travel to the event. While president Cecil Forde has been trying to work magic with the limited funding he receives, it may require some miracle to get it done”.

Ramnarine, a former world champion boxer, said she was quite excited that a young female team is being groomed for international tournaments.

“It’s a lot of time, dedication and discipline required, but these girls are at the perfect age. Thus far they have shown good potential and this event will most certainly be beneficial in their development”.

She explained the parents of the girls have been quite helpful financially, but further funding is required “It’s quite encouraging that parents have come forward and are collaborating with the TTBA. But we do still need the assistance of corporate or private T&T to help these young aspiring athletes”.

Persons interested in sponsoring the team are asked to contact the TTBA (736-4715 / 763-1187 or [email protected]).

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Winter, Wilkinson on target for Police

Sports - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 05:29

An all-out team effort from Police inspired by centre-court player Don Wilkinson and forwards Wesley Vincent and Ronell Winter saw the officers complete its second straight win in the Barry Stewart Basketball League on Wednesday night.

The Central Regional Indoor Sports Arena in Chaguanas came alive with the intense match-up between Police and Prisons in the Men’s Premier Division and it was the former getting a 70-56 victory.

This affair followed Trailblazers dominating performance against Valencia Heat in the Boys Under-19 category, winning 51-18.

In the feature match, Wilkinson powered his way in the low post with 15, linking up with both small forward Vincent and Winter finished with 14 points each. Police jumped out to 15-9 lead at the end of the first quarter.

The trio was productive in the second session as Police remained out front despite a run by the Prisons team sparked by Mikhail Williams (23), almost matching its opponent offensively, 12 compared to Police’s 14 to trail by eight (29-21) at half-time.

The third quarter was the best for the policemen, effortlessly adding 30 points to gain a 22-point (59-37) advantage going into the final period.

The Prisons unit upped its game in the fourth quarter and attempted to make a comeback which was piloted by William and teammate Michael Jerome. Prisons outscored the opposition 21 to 11, but it was not enough to overcome the huge deficit built by Police in the previous quarter.

Police have done well thus far to bounce back from its first loss to Defence Force (99-89) on the opening day. In its first win in the second edition of the competition, Police defeated Detour Shak Attack, 66-54.

The Police outfit will be back on the court on Saturday night hoping to extend its win streak in the final of five matches against Straker Nets at the Jean Pierre Complex in Port-of-Spain from 8 pm.

Earlier, Trailblazers coached by Stephen Leonce did a great job which saw his players sharing the ball to earn the 33-point victory over and youthful and inexperience Heat outfit playing competitive basketball for the first time. Jacob Benjamin top-scored with 15 and Timothy Joel added 11 for the winner


Men’s Premier Division
n Police (29) 70 (Don Wilkinson 15, Wesley Vincent 15, Ronell Winter 14) vs Prisons (21) 56 (Mikhail Williams 23, Michael Jerome 16).
n Valencia (12) 18 (Ozarre Daniel 4, Tareeq Gentle 4) vs Trailblazers (17) 51 (Jacoba Benjamin 15, Timothy Joel 11, Jamal Williams 9).
Tuesday: Men’s Premier Division
n Petro Jazz (34) 72 (Ako Pascal 21, Kevin Sargent 13, Fabrice Fisher 10, Steve McSween 10) vs Straker Nets (47) 80 (Jeffrey Harris 23, Joel Hinds 10, Chike Augustine 9).
U-19 Div
n Petro Jazz (24) 49 (Uriyl Cuffie 14, Jason Friday 12, Taber Mason 8) vs Straker Nets (37) 66 (Shakiem Jessop 26, Jerheim Elder 17, Yasin Ryan 12).
Today (At Pleasantville)
U-19 Division
n Petro Jazz vs Brian Chase Academy, 7.30 pm
Men’s Premier Division
n Petro Jazz vs Defence Force, 8.30 pm
Saturday (At Jean Pierre Complex)
U-15 Division
n Trailblazers vs Enterprise, 2 pm
n Grande Young Stars vs Spartans, 3.30 pm
Women Division
n UWI vs Enterprise, 5 pm
ntraker Nets vs Brian Chase Academy, 6.30 pm
Men’s Premier Division
n Straker Nets vs Police, 8 pm

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Lara Academy to host South Africa women

Sports - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 05:27

CAPE TOWN, South Africa—The Brian Lara Cricket Academy in Tarouba will be the venue for four of five matches T20 Internationals when South Africa women’s team with three new faces tour the Caribbean next month from September 10 to October 6, 2018 to take on the West Indies women.

Fans will be treated to action on September 28th and 30th and October 3rd and 6th, while Barbados will host the three One-day international and the first of five T20s.

Powerade National Academy graduates Tumi Sekhukhune, Saarah Smith and Robin Searle will embark on their first international tour when the Proteas in a three-match One-Day International (ODI) and five-match T20 International series in Barbados and Trinidad.

The trio was selected at the conclusion of the third annual CSA North vs South competition in Pretoria, where 26 of the country’s most promising cricketers were assembled for a grueling three days of competitive T20s.

The Proteas will play three ODIs and five T20s during their tour of the Caribbean

Their selections also follows the Proteas’ recent disappointing tour of England where they lost the ODI series 3-1 and also performed poorly in the T20 triangular series that included New Zealand.

Ayabonga Khaka has been ruled out of the tour after undergoing shoulder surgery. She will be out for four to six weeks as she targets a return to action in the World T20. Other team movements see the return of veteran wicket-keeper Trisha Chetty.

Speaking on the new squad, National Convenor of Selectors Clinton du Preez, said he was pleased with the balance of the team.

“As a selection panel, we conducted a debrief from the England tour and also the successful Bangladesh tour prior to that. We discovered that there were a few areas where the team was falling short and we realized we had to look at different options and different types of skill-sets to try and set ourselves up well for the West Indies tour with the World Cup not far behind after that,” Du Preez said.

The Proteas squad to West Indies: Dané van Niekerk (captain), Chloe Tryon (vice-captain), Laura Wolvaardt, Lizelle Lee, Suné Luus, Mignon du Preez, Marizanne Kapp, Shabnim Ismail, Raisibe Ntozakhe, Masabata Klaas, Zintle Mali, Trisha Chetty, Robyn Searle, Tumi Sekhukhune, Saarah Smith. (CMC)

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MANAGEMENT: Hilton Moreeng (Head Coach), Salieg Nackerdien (Assistant Coach), Sedibu Mohlaba (Manager), Abram Ramoadi (Performance Analyst), Russell Clarke (Strength & Conditioning Coach), Molebatsi Theletsane (Physiotherapist), Sipokazi Sokanyile (Media Liaison).
Sunday, September 16: 1st IWC ODI – Kensington Oval
Wednesday, September 19: 2nd IWC ODI – Kensington Oval
Saturday, September 22: 3rd IWC ODI – Kensington Oval
Monday, September 24: 1st T20I – Kensington Oval
Friday, September 28: 2nd T20I – Brian Lara Cricket Academy
Sunday, September 30: 3rd T20I – Brian Lara Cricket Academy
Wednesday, October 3: 4th T20I – Brian Lara Cricket Academy
Saturday, October 6: 5th T20I – Brian Lara Cricket Academy

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T&T U19s trounce Leeward Islands

Sports - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 05:24

KINGSTOWN—T&T’s quest to do the double got off to the perfect start when they thoroughly defeated the Leeward Islands by a mammoth 176 runs in the first round of the Regional Under-19 50-over Championship yesterday.

Fresh from capturing the three-day title, T&T produced a solid batting performance on their way to posting the day’s highest total of 249 for seven from their 50 overs.

Leonardo Julien top-scored with 82 and Joshua James who stroked an unbeaten 53, were the mainstay of T&T’s innings.

Julien, who faced 114 balls and smashed four boundaries and four sixes, shared in two half-century partnerships to help guide T&T from a spot of bother early on.

He joined forces with Crystian Thurton (26) to add 62 runs for the third wicket after they had slipped to 34-2.

Following the dismissals of Thurton and Mbeki Joseph (9), he and James then added 60 runs in 12 overs to help push the score to 189-5.

Once Julien lost his wicket trying to up the tempo, James found a worthy partner in Rivaldo Ramlogan who smashed a quickfire 35 from just 20 balls to help them up to their eventual score.

James’ hit two fours and one six in his unbeaten 64-ball knock.

The Leewards never came close to mounting a serious challenge, with Teron Jadoo and Justyn Gangoo running through the middle and lower-order to skittle them out for just 73.

With the score on 43-2, the Leewards incredibly lost their last eight wickets for just 30 runs, with Elroy Francis, who scored 32 being the only double-digit contributor.

Jadoo finished with the spectacular figures of three wickets for one run, while Gangoo snagged 3-14. Both Guyana and the Windward Islands recorded six-wicket victories over Canada and Jamaica respectively.

Thanks to a four-wicket haul by Kevin Sinclair, Guyana bundled out Canada for 146 runs, with Kavian Naresh being Canada’s main contributor scoring 57.

Propelled by Joshua Persaud’s 62-ball knock of 80, Guyana then made light work of the total, racing to 147 for four in just 24 overs.

It was a similarly comfortable win for the Windward Islands who dismissed Jamaica for a paltry 159. They then motored along at almost six runs at over on their way to scoring 164-4 in 27.5 overs.

Openers Kimani Melius, who top-scored with 86 and Jahseon Alexander 58, put on 146 for the first wicket to set the Windwards on the path to victory. (CMC)


At Arnos Vale Playing Field: Guyana defeated Canada by six wickets.
CANADA 146 in 38.3 overs (Kavian Naresh 57, Raqib Shamsudeen 24; Kevin Sinclair 4-23, Kelvin Umroa 2-24)
GUYANA 147 for four in 23.5 overs (Joshua Persaud 80; Kavian Naresh 2-24).
At Sion Hill Playing Field: Trinidad and Tobago defeated the Leeward Islands by 176 runs.
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO 249 for seven in 50 overs (Leonardo Julien 82, Joshua James 53 not out, Rivaldo Ramlogan 35, Crystian Thurton 26; Javin Spencer 3-55, Kian Pemberton 2-42)
LEEWARD ISLANDS 73 all out in 27.2 overs (Elroy Francis 32; Teron Jadoo 3-1, Justyn Gangoo 3-14, Avinash Mahabirsingh 2-11).
At Cumberland Playing Field: The Windward Islands defeated Jamaica by six wickets.
JAMAICA 159 in 48.5 overs (Carlos Brown 70, Dominik Samuels 25; Johnel Eugene 3-21, Shermill Lewis 3-29)
WINDWARD ISLANDS 164 for four in 27.5 overs (Kimani Melius 86, Jahseon Alexander 58; Sanjay Brown 2-22).


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Scrutinising feminismtoo

Columnists - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 05:17

The topic of feminism is raging like a wildfire across academia, the claim is that for virtually all ages women have been oppressed and are still oppressed today. The oppressor being the patriarchal system that is built upon masculinity. Feminism then is said to be a battle or a war with the women and their struggles for femininity on one side and masculinity and its history of ‘ontopness’ on the other.

However, instead of focusing on what exactly feminism is, feminists spend more time trying to get females to aspire for business-oriented success and careers. Thereby, the feminists, whether they realize it or not, are turning the female into the very masculine creature whom they despise. The claim is that if they take the current male economic prestige away they will become happier. The movement is now an openly anti-woman and anti-family movement resulting in a mass of people being brought up with their heads bent downwards, looking down that is, on their mother rather than looking up to her as they should. The healthiest and most solid foundations of every society are being ignored; motherhood and the household.

As feminism began to take root many were able to spot its contradictory foundations of sand. The English journalist GK Chesterton stated in a famous work that it “is mixed up with a muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands.” Being on top of the business world and therefore on top of complete strangers, is then (for the feminist) far more desirable than being on top of their own family. Being a manager in an alien organization is seen as a far more desirable thing than being the manager of a self-owned home. In fact, it is seen as better to either have a stranger look after that work for you or not have it at all. This goes against one of the very nature of womanhood and economic activity, because business and trade were brought into existence to provide for the family and not to demolish it.

So why must women win bread? Because men win bread, and if women depend on men for bread then they are viewed as enslaved, even if they are given the bread out of love, rather than for actual slave-like work where they are given the bread by an employer. Feminism is built on this materialistic and selfish idea that the job of being a mother isn’t a job since it cannot provide for her worldly and selfish gain. Money then begins to become evil as it is not generated for her family as it was designed to, rather it is generated for the self, turning the very purpose of economics on its head.

You may be able to tell that I am incurably convinced that the reason for winning bread is to feed a family and not to feed oneself. Furthermore, I am even more convinced that it is not only bread that a family must feed on. For bread alone will choke and perhaps even kill. A family cannot live by bread alone; but by bread and by water and unlike bread, that is to be eaten three times a day, you must drink water throughout the day. I, above all else, believe men to be far oo weak to, and incapable of feeding the family the life-giving water that they need. Women are the spring of this luscious water, giving not only the physical life to their children but also providing the lake of prudence, justice, temperance, and courage, all of which are necessities in a family. These virtues are truly the four individual foundations to which we must rebuild every society. Ever since the raising of children and the passing on of virtue began to be scorned (by the feminists) we’ve seen the world become far more broken than it already was. What we now need is women, women who are true women and not women trying to be men.

Only when women go back to keeping the market in check by showing us that it is at their service will we see our nation prosper and thrive in happiness and love. The current concept of ‘ontopness’ or prestige which I mentioned earlier cannot occupy a position of prime importance. For business, trade, and economic activities are but a means to this end and are not an end in themselves.

It is only through virtuous living that we can truly achieve the utopian society which we desire and which is, of course, at the heart of all our attempts at social reform. To achieve the dream we must forget the society that forgets the woman, which is nothing but a society that has neglected itself. After all, the woman is the life of the family and is therefore the cornerstone of society. However, we must also reshape our perspective on the market/business world seeing it to be what it is; a mechanism brought about for the family and not to its detriment.


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GraceKennedy shares drop to $2.80

Business - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 05:11

Overall market activity resulted from trading in ten securities of which three advanced, five declined and two traded firm.

Trading activity on the First Tier Market registered a volume of 36,113 shares crossing the floor of the Exchange valued at $494,874.10. GraceKennedy Limited was the volume leader with 14,200 shares changing hands for a value of $39,760, followed by T&T NGL Limited with a volume of 10,403 shares being traded for $312,456.84. Sagicor Financial Corporation Limited contributed 5,135 shares with a value of $39,023.90, while National Flour Mills Limited added 4,705 shares valued at $7,998.50.

Calypso Macro Index Fund registered the day’s largest gain, increasing $0.28 to end the day at $15.74. Conversely, GraceKennedy Limited registered the day’s largest decline, falling $0.08 to close at $2.80.

On the Mutual Fund Market 3,250 shares changed hands for a value of $56,480. Calypso Macro Index Fund was the most active security, with a volume of 2,000 shares valued at $31,480. Clico Investment Fund advanced by $0.07 to end at $20.

In Thursday’s trading session the following reflect the movement of the TTSE Indices:

• The Composite Index declined by 0.82 points (0.07 per cent) to close at 1,232.00.

• The All T&T Index declined by 0.63 points (0.04 per cent) to close at 1,712.63.

• The Cross Listed Index declined by 0.14 points (0.14 per cent) to close at 101.

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JMMB net profit up 56 per cent

Business - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 05:10

KINGSTON, Jamaica—Regional financial entity, JMMB Group, has recorded 56 per cent growth in its net profit, year-over-year, totaling J$956.6 million, for the three-month period ending June 30. Additionally, the Group posted net operating revenue of J$4.7 billion, which reflects an increase of 15 per cent, compared to the corresponding period in 2017.

The Group’s performance was largely driven by growth in its core business operations, namely: foreign exchange trading gains; fees and commission income; net interest income; and net gains on securities trading.

Foreign exchange trading gains saw a significant increase of J$277.1 million, or 117 per cent, amounting to J$514.6 million, as a result of increased trading activity and the faster pace of depreciation of the Jamaican dollar, over the period. Fees and commission income totaled J$481.6 million, an increase of 32 per cent, over the corresponding prior period, driven by significant growth in managed funds and collective investment schemes, across the Group.

Net interest income for the reporting period stood at approximately J$2.1 billion, reflecting growth of 8 per cent, or J$155.9 million, in the Group’s loan and investment portfolios.

Additionally, net gains on securities traded, showed a marginal increase of 4 per cent, compared to the prior period, totaling J$1.6 billion, due to a decline in trading activities caused from the frequency of US Federal rate increases.

Keith Duncan, JMMB Group CEO, said the positive performance achieved by the company reflects its commitment to build-out of its integrated regional financial strategy, even as the entity has intensified the consolidation and growth phases of its business model.

In keeping with this thrust, “(There is) continued maximization of strategic synergies to extract operational efficiencies from the Group’s portfolio, while driving growth in our core business lines,” Duncan said.

As evidence of this focus, JMMB Group has rolled out several initiatives across its regional subsidiaries, specifically: expanding nline services in the Dominican Republic; improving the online banking platform – JMMB Moneyline, with added features, in amaica; and the standardization of client experience across the Group, with the implementation of sales training tools and other initiatives.

During the quarter, costs were largely associated with the further build-out of the integrated Group sales support framework and continued roll-out of commercial banking operations in Jamaica; which resulted in an increase in expenditure of 11 per cent, amounting to J$3.34 billion. However, the Group remains committed to managing its expenses, as evidenced by its operating efficiency ratio, which moved from 74 per cent in the prior period to 72%.

Duncan expressed his optimism about JMMB Bank’s credible performance, as the entity celebrates its first year in the commercial banking space. He said over time, the build-out of the commercial banking operation in Jamaica is expected to reap greater synergies and operational efficiency, as the subsidiary seeks to better serve its clients and maximize shareholder value.
Since making entry into the commercial banking foray, JMMB Bank (Jamaica) has expanded its footprint, upgraded its infrastructure and continues to review its client experience processes, to ensure that it provides exceptional service.

Duncan said: “I am proud of the Group’s performance over the first quarter, which would not have been possible without a strong and motivated team, who has worked hard in yielding positive results and remained committed to providing financial solutions, in the best interest of our clients.” I

He added: “We look forward to the process of leveraging strategic synergies and improving operational efficiency, during the strategic period. Meanwhile, the JMMB Group is also looking to introduce innovative financial offerings across the markets in which it operates in order to drive growth, assist individuals to achieve their goals and support business expansion and growth; providing a win-win opportunity for all our stakeholders, through our financial partnership approach.

“As part of the growth focus JMMB Group is seeking to launch consumer financing service in Trinidad amd Tobago and to expand the provision of automated teller machine (ATM) services in Jamaica.”

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Four charged with robbing pharmacy

News - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 01:02

Four men have been charged with robbing a pharmacy in central Trinidad.

The Police Service said Kurvin Gellineau, 30, of Isaac Street, Couva; Richard Adams, 21, of McBean Couva; Joel Charles, 18, of Southern Main Road, Chase Village and Aaron Smith, 18, of

Orange Field Road, Carapichaima, were charged with the crime.

The police said around 6 pm on Monday four men, one armed with a gun, entered the pharmacy saying it was a robbery.

The men stole cash which represented the day’s sales. The men then escaped in a silver Nissan Tiida.

A report was made to the Couva Police Station and resulted in officers discovering the vehicle and the four men gathered at a house shortly after. A quantity of the cash stolen has been recovered.

Four men were charged on Tuesday with robbery with aggravation by PC Gerrard Gomes, of the Couva CID on Tuesday.

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Teen held after cops shot at

News - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 00:54

A 16-year-old boy is currently under police guard at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex after being arrested for shooting at police officers during an anti-crime exercise in the Enterprise district.

The exercise, headed by acting Senior Supt Inraj Balram, took place between 5 pm and 8.30 pm on Wednesday. During the exercise, officers went to a house at Lendore Village, Enterprise, to conduct a search for arms and ammunition.

Upon approaching the house, officers observed three male suspects running away. They gave chase and while in pursuit the suspects shot several times at the officers, who returned fire.

One of the suspects sustained a gunshot wound to the shoulder. He was taken to the hospital where he remains. The other two suspects escaped by running into a bushy area.
Investigations are ongoing.

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Cafra: Skit offended segments of country

News - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 00:49

Violence and insensitivity.

This was evoked by aspects of last Sunday’s PNM family day skit depicting a woman being disrobed of her sari by men dressed as gorillas, says the Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action (Cafra).

In a statement, Cafra noted the skit involved men dressed in red costumes as gorillas disrobing a woman attired in a yellow sari —yellow being the colour associated with the UNC—it appeared the skit’s purpose was to reveal ways in which the PNM could convert yellow into red, and UNC support into PNM support.

Cafra stated it was disappointed by aspects of the skit and “even more so by the expressions of support which it has received from leaders of the country.”

“On behalf of all citizens, we call on the PNM and indeed all political parties, to embark on internal education programmes with their supporters to deepen understanding and commitment to non-sexism and to a culture of diversity, respect, tolerance and non-violence.”

Cafra also noted National Security Minister Stuart Young saw the skit as a ‘bit of fun.’

But Cafra noted, “That’s not the way it has been received by segments of our community, including us at Cafra.”

“Here are some of the messages which we received. We note that the person being disrobed of her sari is a woman. We note that the disrobers are dressed in costumes of violent animals—gorillas. We note the implication that UNC supporters are all Indians. These messages, intended or thoughtlessly conveyed, feed into or mirror some of the worst aspects of Trinidadian life.”

“The act of removing another’s clothes without consent is an act of violence. When men do this to women, it is usually in the context of a sexual assault. This kind of ‘skit,’ therefore, feeds directly into rape culture. The men’s conduct of violating a woman’s privacy and freedom of expression is also a feature of gender inequality where men express power and control through domination. And yes, the idea of the disrobing of an Indian woman feeds into harmful stereotypes of Indian women’s passivity and brings to mind the polarising centrality of ethnicity in the political dynamics of this country. The skit also suggests unfortunate stereotypes of men and in particular African men that should not be perpetuated.”

“So Cafra disputes that this is just ‘a bit of fun.’ And if it is, we ask, at whose expense? The country requires better from our political parties. We deserve thoughtful debate and dialogue and decency and intelligence from our politicians. And we deserve and demand men who reject harmful masculinity in the private and public domains. We live in precarious times with high levels of violent crime including rapes and murders of women,” the statement said.

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Gun, ammo, drugs found in abandoned cars

News - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 00:45

Two guns, a quantity of ammunition and marijuana have been seized by officers of the Port-of-Spain Division.

The raid, headed by acting Senior Supt Floris Hodge-Griffith, was carried out in the Besson Street and Belmont districts yesterday.

The Police Service said the officers conducted a search at Bath Street Plannings in Port- of-Spain and found five kilogrammes of marijuana valued at TT$50,000, hidden in an abandoned black Nissan Tiida.

They also found two firearms—a Colt pistol loaded with six rounds of .45mm ammunition and a Smith and Wesson revolver loaded with five rounds of .38mm Special ammunition in an abandoned Nissan B15, along Pelham Street, Belmont.

WPC Malika Ramgoolie and PC David St Clair of the POSDTF are continuing enquiries.

Supervising the exercise were acting Insp Randall McGuirk and acting Sgt Jason Lucas.

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